Helge Kragh

The Historical Development of Modern Cosmology

The Andromeda GalaxyFor a long time I have investigated, in the form of papers and monographs, how the modern view of the universe came into being. In connection with this work I am currently, together with my co-editor Malcolm Longair at Cambridge University, serving as editor of Handbook of the History of Modern Cosmology to be published by Oxford University Press. The book will consist of 12 chapters of which I write Chapter 1 (“Cosmological theories before and without Einstein”), Chapter 4 (“Alternative cosmologies,” with V. Trimble), and Chapter 5 (“Steady state theory and the cosmological controversy”). The book, to be published in 2018, will cover all major aspects of cosmology since the late nineteenth century, including theoretical advances, the role of observations and instruments, and philosophical and related perspectives. This work will keep me busy for most of the year 2017.