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  • 2018.06.04

    Advertisement: Professor of History of Science

    The Niels Bohr Archive and the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen, invite applications for a new permanent position in history of science at full professor level. »

  • 2018.02.28

    Ernest Bohr (1924–2018)

    Ernest Bohr died on 26 February 2018, few days before he would have turned 94 on 7 March. As Niels Bohr’s youngest son, he was the last of the six boys to survive. »

  • 2017.11.27

    New book on Niels Bohr and the philosophy of physics

    Jan Faye and Henry J. Folse have recently published a new edited volume titled “Niels Bohr and the Philosophy of Physics: Twenty-First-Century Perspectives” containing 16 contributions on Bohr’s philosophy written by as many philosophers and scientists. »

  • 2017.11.27

    Helge Kragh receives 2016 Outstanding Paper Award of the Division of the History of Chemistry of the ACS

    Congratulations to Helge Kragh for being awarded the 2016 Outstanding Paper Award of the Division of the History of Chemistry of the American Chemical Society for his paper  "From Cosmochemistry to Fuel Cells: Notes on Emil Baur, Physical Chemist," Bulletin of the History of Chemistry 2015, 40(2), pp. 74-85. The award is presented to the author of the best paper published in the Bulletin for the History of Chemistry during the previous three years, 2014, 2015, 2016. »

  • 2017.08.17

    New NBA Director appointed

    A new NBA Director has been appointed. He is Christian Joas, who was previously Assistant Professor at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany. »

  • 2016.10.15

    Increased outreach effort

    NBA is currently increasing its outreach effort, as reflected on our website. »

  • 2016.09.23

    New collection

    The menu books of Ulla Leerberg, the last cook at the Carlsberg Mansion, provides day-to-day information on guests at the Mansion and the meals she prepared for the last two years of Bohr's life. »

  • 2016.08.12

    New course in the history of physics

    Ricardo Karam and Helge Kragh offer a new course at Copenhagen University.

  • 2016.07.06

    New collection

    NBA has received a collection of letters from the American physicist Robert Bruce Lindsay to his parents while working at Bohr's institute from 1922 to 1923. »

  • 2016.07.05

    The Lundbeck Foundation supports digitisation effort

    The Danish Lundbeck Foundation has approved NBA's application for digitising the original letters of the Niels Bohr Scientific Correspondence and making them available on NBA's website. »

  • 2016.03.18

    New archivist at the Niels Bohr Archive

    The archivist search is now completed. The new archivist is Rob Sunderland, who was born in England, but has spent the latter half of his life in Denmark.

  • 2016.02.16

    Annual Report 2015

    NBA's Annual Report for 2015 can now be read on the website. »

  • 2016.02.04

    1941 Bohr-Heisenberg meeting

    On the request of NBA's users, the documents relating to Werner Heisenberg's visit to Niels Bohr in Copenhagen in 1941, have now been moved to the new webpage. »

  • 2015.11.24

    Archivist Position

    We are currently looking for an archivist. »