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Dieter Hoffmann, Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Germany
The relationship between Niels Bohr and Max Planck

For Niels Bohr Max Planck was not only “the scientist who has created the foundation on which we all are working”, but also a man, “who has always shown [me] warm friendship”. Both were for Bohr “one of the richest sources of pleasure und encouragement” during his whole life. The personal relationship between Bohr and Planck started just after WWI, when Bohr congratulated his Berlin colleague for winning the Nobel prize, and lasted until Planck’s death in 1947.Their discussions focused less upon specific scientific problems than upon a wide range of general questions, in particular the procedure by which the Planck Medal was awarded. The talk will give a detailed description of the relations between these two pioneers of quantum theory, embedded in the scientific and social developments of the times.