NBA History of Science Seminar

Christian Gram, "Early History of Computers in Denmark – a personal view."

Christian Gram, Regnecentralen 1962-1973, professor at the Department of Computer Science of the Danish Technical University 1973-2000.

Computer development in Denmark started in 1955, when the Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) created Regnecentralen as an independent ATV-institute. During the next 20–30 years Danish computer scientists made a number of significant contributions, such as:

The Algol 60 report with a short and concise programming language definition (1960).

Reliable and fast compilers utilising virtual memory structure (1962).

RC2000, the fastest paper tape reader in the world (1962).

The RC4000 Monitor and BOSS 2, a simple and safe (deadlock-free) multiprogramming system (1968-70).

The CPR-system, which has been copied in several countries (1968).

The Dankort system based on CR80, a computer developed by Christian Rovsing (1984-85).

In the talk I shall give my personal view of these milestones in relation to developments elsewhere