In addition to historical research and archival work, including making material available to scholars all over the world, NBA has taken on an outreach function primarily directed towards high-school students and teachers, university students, and the general public. There is also a popular and well-attended public series of history of science seminars with lectures by internationally prominent scholars.

Acquisition of additional archival material

NBA is frequently offered new material, from the period when Bohr lived and up to the present. In order to secure important archival documents that may otherwise be lost, a systematic effort is underway to contact physicists at NBI about their collections before the institute’s projected move in 2023.

Oral history

Extensive oral history interviews with prominent physicists, such as Nobel laureates Aage Bohr and Ben Mottelson, are particularly helpful for securing and shedding additional light on archival collections. These interviews are deposited for the use of researchers.


Having started with a pilot grant from the Danish State Lottery, a main priority is the digitization of NBA’s archival collections. Thus, descriptions of many of the collections are now available on the internet, often down to document level. There is also an effort to digitize the documents themselves, for preservation purposes as well as to make the original documents available on the internet to researchers.